Of course we have a history to tell in 20 years trying to do projects and ideas a little more advanced than the other labels, we start when internet will be still an ” idea what could be out of date soon”, yes theres was a lot of similitudes about when the electric energy replaced the gas lights.

The project was called Meitrik, Movimiento Electr√≥nico Independiente + trik, this name was checked in altavista, hotbot & yahoo and other search engines, i was similar to a last name or artist, we don’t found nothing in 1998, so the collective was called Meitrik.

The basic rules to be a part of the collective, only make music without instruments, a synth in th 90’s was really expensive, the electronic musicians who can record a CD they sell a car for a synth, and is no joke.

We looking for the first group for the collective in the original platform mp3.com, was a complete different universe for the culture and artists around the world. We make a post about it soon.

In 1998 we have the plan to make a different option to the electronic scene, was a too underground world and really a small group of friends like us, but still we think we were different.

The idea was ever make a label with vinyl records and make trips and conquest the world, outside our houses.

Well this history begins with this demo