A lot of unknown underground story since 1998.

All the releases were produced in CDr & industrial duplicated limited copies, jewel case.

The Cd’s A and B, were selled in 2 record stores in Santiago Chile, the most of them were buyed by tourists.

The other releases were distributed directly to a musicians friends of all over the world.

2016 “Distant Vol. 1” , MTL-011, Various artists: Danieto, DRXL, Parada, Marco Parodi, Metamann, Der Meister Geist.

2005PSYCHOPHONIA“, 40 copies, techhouse, MTL-010, MEI, Chile. 2005

2004The land and The City“, 15 Metamann, techno-experimental, MTL-009, Chile.

2004My Corner” 30 copies, DJ MK2 aka Metamann, electro-hiphop, MTL-008, Chile.

2004100ml“, 50 copies, Leotech & Metamann, MTL-007, Meitrik sello
independiente, Chile.

2003Sleep Me” Unreleased that year, incoming release this 2017, MTL-006, Metamann, Meitrik, Chile. 2003

2003The Ice speaks” 40 copies, MTL-005, producido por Polar & Der Meister Geist, Meitrik varios artistas, sello independiente.

2003Its more fun to compute” 40 copies, MTL-004, Metamann, Meitrik sello
independiente, Chile.

2002The amazing sound of Meitrik“, 30 copies, MTL-003, Lumania, Agnosia, LLuvia Acida, Metamann Polar, Der Meister Geist, Eolo & Meirik VA.

2001BMTL-002, 60 copies, Der Meister Geist, Meitrik, sello independiente, Chile.2001

2001AMTL-001, 70 copies, Metamann, Meitrik, sello independiente, Chile. 2001