All of this begin in the half of 1998, Christian Ziehlmann aka Metamann decide to create 2 proyects, 1 in the hip hop area and in parallel Meitrik for the electronic music.

As one of the generation X and one of the few people who gorws with PC and technologies near comunnities like geocities and the original  MP3.COM proyect.

This platform give us the tools for be heard all over the world, but the first call was different, all the musicians who participate on this proyect must have a unusual skill, they can do music from a computer without interfaces, only with a qwerty keyboard and a mouse.

The master plan works well, musicians from another countries around the world want to be part of us, the mixture of styles give us a real support via our music amplitude.

Then when finally i found this first group, everybody with different styles and personalities.

We do our own gigs plus Earthdance, (the parallel from, Softel and other underground showcases, .

The releases form this early begining were launched via the MP3.COM platform, various ep’s and many plays and downloads.

2000 The first physical compilation was never released, but was in the vault, someday will be online.

Later the proyect restart when Metamann was invited to Brazil in 2001 to make a showcase of how to do music with a computer and without interfaces, when he comeback the Meitrik proyect really was a physical label.